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Racial Quests

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Located in Qeynos Capitol District

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Located in Qeynos Province District

Barbarian racial

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Burning Blood (Gild Stonebreaker - Qeynos Harbor near Graystone yard door 845.19, -25.36, -63.20)

Gild wants you to avoid Graystone Yard and hints about a “burning blood”, “an untamed lass” named Marweth. There seems to be a major conflict between Dwarves and Barbarian youth while elders are in hiding.

Solving Violence with Violence (Gavin Seabreach – Graystone Yard 913.61, -20.73, -95.45)

You’ll learn that Marweth ever was a warrior, never defeated in battle. When she started to bring trouble, she was offered to go away and adventure and she went into Kunark then on Velious. The last place she went in with her companions was the Plane of War and when she returned, she was afire with the teaching of Rallos and his kin and started preaching her brethrens not to deny their inner fire. The teachings of Rallos Zek are forbidden in Qeynos and it goes against everything the elders did to erase the reputation of Barbarians being mindless brutes.

Quellin’ the Hellion (Gavin Seabreach – Graystone Yard 913.61, -20.73, -95.45)

Speak with Gavin about the strange artefact from the Plane of War that Maerweth keeps near her. It could be the thing that makes people mad with rage. But could you break it? Perhaps the monks from Elddar Grove could bring the help of Quellious to you.

Dwarf racial

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More Than Ale (Mav Boilfist - Qeynos Harbor near Graystone Yard 856.70, -25.43, -79.18 )
All of Greystone yard is going crazy. The fighting started so suddenly that she couldn't retrieve her family ale recipe.


Putting on Heirs (Mav Boilfist)
While waiting for Mav to read the book, go help her cousin, Lerad, who is working with the Ironforge guild on the city improvements. There are structural imperfections in the walls and he could use some help.


Will of the Stormhammers (Mav Boilfist) - reward: Ring of the Dwarf, Stone of Kaladim house item
Mav has worked on the tome and found out an important information: Brelaine is the great granddaughter of Kazon's first son and the only child of the line.

Fae racial

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A Rocky Beginning  (Guard Laelyth - Elddar Grove underground harbor 612.58, -35.79, -232.17)
Guard Laelyth is hidden and shouts a super secret message to you... A person of great importance is waiting for you in the Forest Ruins and you can reach her by using the rowboat.


My Kingdom for Some Dirt  (Queen Amree - Blackfurl Beach in the Forest Ruins: A Clandestine Meeting instance)
Queen Amree doesn't understand what value the gnolls could find in a crate of dirt. She doesn't know enough of the local politics nor the feud between humans and gnolls. She sends you to meet Jesenda, a human she trusts and who helped them a lot in the past


The Burning Grove (Jesenda - Blackfurl Beach in the Forest Ruins: A Clandestine Meeting instance) - reward: Ring of the Dwarf
Speak once more to Jesenda for guidance. The assassin showed to much ressources for her to involve herself more and she will only give councils.
She thinks you should try to detain and question the assassin, but if he's sent by the Council, he'll have magical weapons and concoctions. You don't know how to draw him out in the open, it's not a fae way to plot, but she knows of one, which involves deception: pretend you eliminated the threat and begin setting up the nursery but with ordinary sapling and flowers and leave them unguarded while watching from the shadows. The plot is poor, but the thief is relying on fae naivety and become over-confident.
You may speak to Guard Delin if you require extra-help.


(thanks to Calthine from ZAM for the walkthrough help)

Froglock racial

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Wind in the Willow Wood (Rupert Valorbound - Qeynos Harbor near Wastleview Hamlet door 714.30, -20.58, -101.91)
There never was a froglock in the Queen Guard and Rupert friends in castleview gave him the idea to do heroic deeds to prove himself. You'll give him the idea to go help repel the Gnoll invasion in Willow Wood.


What Ales Them
Rupert complains that we, froglocks, are overlooked as ever. Our history is full of deeds of valor, but it could be that nobody heard about them... The custom for the larger races is to tell tales of battles around ale so make your way to the Fish's Alehouse to brag a bit.


Royal Recognition (Logan Camerus - QH Fish's Alehouse and Inn 809.02, -23.27, 64.84 )
Field Marshal Vishra heard of your deeds. More help is needed from you. A massive Nightblood demon is ravaging the Baubbleshire and undeads are everywhere in Starcrest Commune. As froglocks have an ancestral experience dealing with undeads, so our help would be appreciated. Blessed salt seems the best way to do it and you happen to know an alchemist selling some and you could bless it in the Temple of Life. Rupert will go into Baubbleshire while you will take care of warding the city against the undeads.

Half Elf racial

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Fire and Bite (Shireen Faren-Delnara - Elddar Grove near the bridge to Baubbleshire 716.24, -20.42, -447.00)
When you come near Shireen, she'll call you. Like you, she's an Ayr'dal, a half elf. Her mother is wood helf and her father human, and she got good from both sides. Her parents were taken by "doggy men" in Willow Wood.


Rockpaw Digger Defeat
The attack came on a peaceful night until the moment when several townsfolk started screaming all at once. They jumped to their feet and saw gnolls running towards the house. Lyssa told Shireen to run while Milo was fending them off.
The gnolls were coming from the Forest Ruins gate.


Ayr'Dal in the Forest Ruins (Milo Faren) - reward: Ring of the Flirt, Navigated Travels house item.
Milo had heard rumors about gnolls in the Forest Ruins using machines but had dismissed them. It seems there were fact behind those rumors but they must have used a masking spell to hide them.
After looking at the gear you found, he recognises a spell component that cannot be found on Karan but exists in D'Lere and Ro, which means someone else was involved.


Halfling racial

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The Right of Passage (Bungle Proudfoot - Elddar Grove near the bridge to Baubbleshire 693.63, -13.85, -419.02 )
Bungle Proudfoot will tell you about halflings. We're a noble race and most of us come from Rivervale, our original home, but Nightbloods have taken over most of the city. Their hatred for us is legendary and they sadly tracked us back to Qeynos. Bungle will ask for your help in the Baubbleshire. The Nightbloods of Rivervale are attacking! Go investigate.


A Tear in the Curtains (Martha - Elddar Grove, 809, -20, -528 )

Martha wants you to help a gnome who is trying to contain the portals in the Baubbleshire to help all the terrified citizens.


Half a Chance to Help Others (Martha) - reward : ring of the Halfling

Martha sends you to help more trapped gnomes and halflings in the Baubbleshire. You won't get an update until they actually get to the gate, but you don't seem to have to escort them.

(thanks to Calthine from ZAM for the walkthrough help)

High Elf racial

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Survival of the Fittest (Eireneith Alannia - Qeynos Harbor near Castleview Hamlet 694.79, -21.15, -87.30 )
Eireneith Alannia is very excited by the representatives of New Tunaria, known as Felwithe before the Age of Turmoil. The Queen Lenya Thex and the council decided to close off the city to preserve it from a second invasion from Teir'Dals and defend the laws of Tunare. The representatives are seeking strong Koada'dal to strengthen and replenish this new home and be reborn and ccepted as Renda'Dal once in the mother's embrace.
You'll need to prove yourself by going to Willow Wood and hinder the gnoll invasion, thus proving to the Fier'Dal and Ayr'Dal that we are supreme among elven kind.


Purest of the Pure (Eireneith Alannia)
Now that you passd the test, you should speak with the New Tunaria's emissary, Talthallas.


The Koada'Dal Paragon (Eireneith Alannia) - Reward : ring of the High Elf
Eireneith is back on her old spot, trying to stop High Elves from leaving. She's hoping that guards could kick Talthallas out but he will probably pretend the Renda'Dal who attacked us where disobeying his orders.


Wood Elf racial

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A Missing Brother (Trelly Greenthorn - Elddar Grove near the Baubbleshire 799, -21, -520 )
Trelly Greenthorn had to flee the Willow Wood when the gnomes attacked and last saw her brother when he was fending them off and telling her to run. She think he's dead and consider returning to Kelethin as she as no familly in Qeynos.


A Poisoned Dream
While speaking to Trelly, you'll start to feel weird and fall. Trelly thinks you were poisonned.


What Others Could Not Accomplish - reward: ring of the wood elf
Trelly Greenthorn wants you to speak to her brother Jendan who is now in the house of Elddar Tree.