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Racial Quests

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Located in Qeynos Capitol District

Erudite racial

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Enter the Shattered Sanctum (Maareona Ludimintium - South Qeynos, near suburbs door 685.16, -19.63, 222.13)

Maareona is complaining about fools using heretical disciplines, those that Erud forbade: necromantic arts granted by Cazic Thule. Starcrest Commune is overrun by creatures unleashed by erudites who listen too much about those from Paineel.

The Magician’s Solution

Maareona is happy of the removal of the soul spikes but still senses some necromantic threats coming from Starcrest. She sends you to Augurer Dahimat in the Concordium tower to gather more informations.

Pride without Prejudice

Kerra are running to Starcrest Commune. You’ll have to go investigate what they’re doing and use the Hallowed touch crystal.

Freeblood racial

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Arrest at the gates (Talas Farin - South Qeynos near Nettleville, 684, -20, 250 )
The guards have barred the door to Nettleville and you cannot enter because of your race. If you did, you would be arrested on sight. Those arrested outside are brought to Nettleville and it's what happened to his cousin. Human friends prevented Talas from going too close to the door.
We are not bloodthirsty vampires, we feed from animal's blood slaughtered for other races' sustenance. The blood of humans, elves, gnomes and other norrathians are sustaining but also poison to us, which differentiates us from freebloods of Freeport.
you decide to get arrested to investigate what is happening in Nettleville.


Distate for Our Kind
Talas is a Freeblood Emissary and indeed had dealings with the Circle of Ten and Rashlas recently. He collects petitions and discusses them with appointed listeners for the Council. At the beginning, Rashlas was silent but then became more out-spoken against the freebloods, saying we taxed too much of the ressources of the cities for our petty issues. The last time Talas spoke to the council was two weeks ago when he asked for help from the Temple of Life as some freebloods had fallen sick due to contaminated bovine blood. Rashlas said that we shoudln't bother the clerics with something we can cure ourselves, being immortals, ignoring the fact that we can die of disease.
Rashlas was attending the meetings on behalf of the Circle of Ten and now assumes control of the investigations. Question is: who is rashlas representing from the Council? Stara Vincent, Rashlas confident and lover might help. She gave Talas and Taria a list of healers in Antonica to try to find a cure for the disease. She is research assistant in the Concordium.


Valor of the Freeblood - reward : ring of the Freeblood
Rashas fails to realize that the people of Qeynos backed up the queen decision to allow us to settle in. Rashas has to be in league with someone in the Circle of Ten. The Freebloods who attacked you were rabid and sent by Rashlas, so he has some control over them. They have the Blood Sight: they lost all thought and seek only blood. It is usually a reaction to starvation.


Gnome racial

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Bigger Better Bor (Trina Tinkerton - North Qeynos on Inventor's Treshold 269.95, -13.01, 66.57)
The Tinkerton family is famous for its tinkerers but Trina is only a novice. The feud between the nightbloods of rivervale and the halflings has spilled over in Qeynos and now Baubbleshire is a place of struggle and bloodshed and Trina cannot defend her home due to her lack of skills. The Qeynos Guard is streched too thin to help. She's trying to construct a new and better bot but is lacking some metal parts.


Stronger Faster Bot
After a bit of work, she sends you to Baubbleshire to test the new bot against attacking nightbloods.


To Fail is To Learn - reward : ring of the gnomish tinkerer
Trina knows the perfect dwarf, Borach Anvilstrike.

Human racial

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To Honor is Human (Patricia Benson - SQ, across from Tin Soldier, 551, -16, 235)
We humans have always been referees to others in case of racial tensions. Humans work as go between to ensure the other races in the city can live together. Erudites and Kerra have long be at odds but are now starting to work together in Starcrest Commune. We must insure that they continue to work together once the crisis is finished.


The Virtue of the Just
Patricia can write up fake documents. We need to know if there's some plot within the suburb and if need be, Patricia can explain the reasoning to Antonia.


A Deeper plot - reward : ring of the Qeynosian
Bart, Patricia's son, said he is "just like you" and went looking for you in Nettleville.

Kerra racial

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Brothers in Arms (Lakosha Maera - South Qeynos near Starcrest Commune 669.06, -19.48, 227.48)
She'll ask you what the greatest threat to Kerra existance is: heretics. Some of our kerra brothers answer "Erudites". Our elders have moved to dissolve conflict between the Erudites and us but we seek this peace with actions and not words. The Erudites have dire problems in Starcrest Commune and she's searching for Kerra combat masters. She knows about one, Ajarn, Bouncer at the Lion's Mane Inn. Convincing him might be tricky as he's not very talkative and doesn't like Erudites, heretics or not.


Unlikely Allies
While you were recruiting, she spoke to the Erudites. A mage named Oomitelmora wishes to counter the heretics with a joined operation.


A Master Among Masters
One weakened heretic fled through a portal to Oakmyst Forest. This heretic wasn't an Erudite but a Kerra... Kerra necromancers are extremely rare, but some manage to grasp the dark arts. And a Kerra has good tracking skills and can hide more easily. Ajarn and Laharn were sent with erudite mages to track her, but they haven't returned yet.

Ratonga racial

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If it Walks Like a Rat... (Tilla - North Qeynos near Inventor's Treshold 304.66, -12.65, 92.94)
Tia hasn't met yous yet, so yous are new. She'll tell you that ratongas are not welcomes yet. Somes of us are doing bad things: things stolens, foods poisoned, peoples attacked. Wes need to finds out if we're to blame.


A Past Forgotten
Tilla is disapointed because we always helped Qeynos even if they did not knows it. The ratongas fled the Underfoot for Freeport, looking for a haven from the roekilik and their Dark Agenda. Freeport was a good haven because the city fit us well... But there are some rumors that we also tried to come to Qeynos. There could be records in the library.


In Our Own Way - reward : ring of the ratonga
Stranges creatures are invading the Baubbleshire the gnomes and halfling are trying to protect their homes. Meet with Blint Tizzlespring in the Baubbleshire: Vale's Shadow

Located in Qeynos Province District


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