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Here are the adventuring quests walkthroughs as posted on the beta boards.

Major Spoiler Sundered Frontier and Collections (by cloudrat)



Here is what I have done with new toon so far in Paineel. If you have any quests I am missing please let me know:

Elder Shahib Zaim Retired general in Paineel daily mark quest level 90
1. Mending a Broken Land
Hinder Toxullia by slaying her minions... kill 10 toxxulia guardians in toxx
Seek out a way to help kerra
Sub quest from Shaman Keyta Wicker travel to Petrified badlands and listen to message from fallen kerra scout she gives a pendant you need in bags to hear message wandering nightmares keep attacking (even with invis) talk to "a wandering kerran spirit" wandering around 1396, -13, 3762, he has a book above him, trackable
Seek out a way to help hua mein
Sub quest Into the Arena.. talk to Shi'jan Sensou the Arena Master at -415, 278, 3209, defeat panda champion

Return to Shahib in Paineel

Non questline essential:


drop from Rungupp: An Old Troll's Head..turn in at clipboard on wall outside banking area

drop from spirits: An Unfulfilled List..turn in to (red) a manifested Paineel spirit at  /way 1604, -101, 2927

drop from wisp: The One That Got Away kill basilisks for updates

click on teleporter :Ruined Teleporter... See Alim in wizard hall in Paineel, he has a book above him

Ritsy in back of second level of rat cave just past the crystal people or you can jump down to a ledge from the
edge of the island and go in that way, jump off at 945, -48, 3058, floating recommended
pre requisites: lvl 85 required and A Rodent Problem questline from Paineel needs to be completed

1. Ritsy Delivery (courier can spawn anywhere a roekillik can spawn and doesn't show up on track )
possible locations: 942, -196, 3377 or 1080, -188, 3416 or 1065, -191, 3261
2. Ritsy Business gather 15 stomachs from toxxulia guardians, uncommon drop from small chests, each group member loots
3. Ritsy Rewards.. kill 5 named mobs in Sundered

The locations for the 5 ring events that you need to do to get names are:

wyverns are in tox loc is 242.63, 150.33, 2852.45
kobolds are east of the wyverns up on the cliff  -31.90, 176.37, 2856.81
gazer is at 1257.34, -18.47 , 3831.83
the pile of bones is in the skelly caves near the druid rings.  374.43, -60.19 , 3624.94
nasty bug ring event at 1097, -295, 3381  near Ritsy jump down where there are crystal people

After them you will have to do an instance in The Hole called Demitriks Revenge

Main Paineel Questline: Starts on Spire Island

(Hometown series, given on spire island, of 3 for each hometown finishes with obtaining the mark are done in tandem with the main Paineel quests
1.Establishing a Basecamp .. for good aligned updates around lift behind wizard hall, for evils on balcony behind necro hall
2.Scouting the Possiblities..  have to  click and use of each lift yourself, just riding lift does not update
3.Let the Adventure Begin!..   see below: quest Lack of Documentation

Taglfitz Von Gearbender
1.Skills of Deduction...go to Paineel via teleporter and see Captain Ghalib Elbaz (1,945, -298, 3,386)

Captain Ghalib Elbaz
1. What a Strange Place...explore town speak to Fawzi(1903, -298, 3446) Alim(1980, -298, 3336)
.....Saihah (1871, -293, 3510) and Or'Iku (1727, -282, 3476)
2. A Rat's Chance.. ........use any lift, several stealthed sneaky vermin are hanging around to attack when you try to leave city
3. Everything Has a Beginning.... finding cave entrance use wizard lift hang a left at the basin
...(can pick up quest Ruined Teleporter along the way clicking one teleporter) follow basin to
...cave entrance /way  1516, -118, 3048 where 3 mobs attack, back up so you don't get more than one group.
...Don't go in the cave itself.
4. Knowledge Through Experimentation...find Ishaq (1859, -294, 3474)in Council chambers

Ishaq Al'Nair
1. Not Everything Has a Manual.. read list on table, kill one arcane(spark of energy around 2145, -123, 3434),elemental and unnatural
2. >A Little Bit of Arcana.....10 arcane (a spark of energy -orange wisp)
3. >A Touch of Elementals.... 10 elementals (an underfoot hardstomper or mudslugs)
4. >A Pinch of Necromancy....5 guards and 5 spirits in ruins
5.Bringing It All Together..5 arcane,elemental and unnatural
6.Further Research Required... Report to Fawzi, Alim and Nudhir (each will start a questline)

High Commander Fawzi Zaim
1. Elemental Studies from Fawzi... kill 3 elementas that come out from cracks in basin, cracks surrounded by a circle of rocks,
then see Reasearcher Majok who is outside /way 2019, -123, 3423

Researcher Majok
1.Progression of the Elements..the same cracks with rocks will now spawn "an unsuspecting elemental", follow it and until it will poof,
leaving a pile of dirt to pick up and take back to Majok
2.Earth Bending... use on any underfoot hardstomper
3.Control Over the to Fawzi  and then remove Fawzis name from list on the lectern by Ishaq

Alim Dabir
1.Progression of the Arcane.. go to Ishaq and back to Alim who now moved to terrace outside by non-working teleporter
2.Just jump to the left... get Taglfitz Von Gearbender to test teleporter (gnome on spire island)
3.Arcana and Teleportation...right click on bottom of main working teleporter to fix it then use it to go to The Hole
4.Completed Arcane Studies...remove Alim's name from list on lectern by Ishaq

Nudhir Il'qatai
1.Knowledge through Necromancy.. go to toxx near druid ring and leash a prowler then go to see Aulerun /way 1313, -45, 3041

Loridan Kol'Etta (next to Aulerun)
1.Shoo them away (can be done at same time as Control over death nicely)

Apprentice Aulerun
1.A Test of Death..slay 1 prowler
2.A Test of Life...reanimate prowler with scroll Aulerun gives you (click pile of bones close to him)
3.Control over death revive and kill more prwoler skeletons you find in the area
4.Uneasy Request Speak with Nudhir in the ruins of old paineel /way 1947, -112, 3404 (next to entrance to basin from
......west lift near wizard hall) Speak to him again when you are ready for combat. Attempt to revive Nudhir (right click him)

to continue questline you have to now go to the Paineel Quartermaster near broker to buy a potion that will give u next quest

1. A Potion Remedy.. buy potion, attempt to revive Nudhir, after he revives wait to get an update, then go remove his name from roster


Ishaq Al'Nair
1. A Rodent Problem .. see Ghalib who has no book but tells you to  see Zafirah

Zafirah Aamira
1. Kill 10 Rats..5 scavenging 4 wandering and one commanding
2. Joining Their Ranks..rat illusion in area near pools of water are a clickable open book, weapon rack with
a stack of books right next to it and a cooking pot over a fire, back to Zafirah

Zafirah then offers no quest just a suggestion.  "Venture into the caves and let me know if you find
anything out of the ordinary". Now you need to go to cave of rats and click on scribblings.

1. Scribblings on the Wall.. go to cave at /way 1273, -167, 3177 near first pool of water on east side of cave are two long rocks
on the ground leaned against a large rock -mouse over and see Strange Scribblings click for quest..back to Zafirah
2. Tred book on table in council chamber
3. Archiving the Reports... See Ishaq, questline seems to end here


Have to go to Council chamber and see Saihah for next quest but no apparent reason to other then maybe to
... a hint about things to come later

Saihah Al'Lad
1. Current Troubles.. go to the observatory now (Eye of Dartain) kill 3 trees, go back to town
2. The Hole Truth.. use teleporter, examine door
3. Lack of Documentation..revisit everyone, gets you the MARK of Manaar(which is used as proof for the Let the Adventure Begin quest update)

Now you should get a letter in the Mail to send you to your next quest. Read letter in inventory

26. A Letter of Summons... see Ghalib..See Saihah in the Eye of Dartain (the observatory)

There are more quests in this thread keep reading and a tradeskill questline in the tradeskill section


Eye of Dartain quests a>means can be gotten and done at same time as the others i.e. 4, 5 and 6
1. A Letter of Summons.. see Saihah at Observatory
2. Distorted on machine
3. Through the Looking Glass..obtain crystal from close to cave ne of observatory
4. >Rock Biters.. 6 rumblers
5. >Heart of Stone..1 petrified roper
6. >Living Trees of Stone 6 trees
7. Source of Rumblings find source of rumblers climb ladders in cave to big rumbler
8. Setting the Bait green glowy to click on report back then back to paineel
9. Personal Attention..back to observatory
10. Methodical Research get 5 crystals from cave  mouth take to paineel..back to
11. Obscure Vision.. water sample
12. Mind Numbing Substance..harvest bush at top of second ladder in cave
13. Herbal Remedies.. collect 10 herbs
14. Dem Bones... 15 bone chips petrified cacklers to the west
15. Deliver the bag of bones to Fazia in stonebrunt encampment


Fazia Al'Khattab
1. Protecting the Encampment...kill 14 creatures(updates from crageye talkers, scorpions, NOT gazers)
2. RiverRock Research...gather 8 "river rock" spiky rocks by walls and big boulders in rill
3. Sifting Through the River Rocks.. click on trough to the left of Fazia at 1034, 114, 3810, return to Fazia
4. Lost Rations,,, caravan down below 1158, -9, 3652
5. Informing the Leadership..go to paineel Inayat (necro)
6. Sneaky Kerrans... find spy by rat cave at 1368, -104, 2946
7. Catching the Spy...go back where you saw spy, "place fish" (click red glowy) and pick up dropped paper
8. More Lost rations.. pick up 3 boxes in Keejans rill at  278, 224, 3689
9. Rocky Road.. fossilfangs near observatory (rumblers around rocks)
10. Stone Cold Delivery.. back to paineel necro hall  1650, -267, 3164  then back to Fazia

completing Fazia's series unlocks quests from Masih Najjar

Warriden Jupidor - his quests can be done independently from Fazia
1. A Toxic Concern..kill 8 scorpions
2. Follow the Food chain.. shake 4 unnamed bushes kill rats
3. The Food Source.. collect bushes (same bushes you shook for rats)


Masih Najjar - quests unlock after completing quests for Fazia Al'Khattab
1. Enhancing the Patrol...deliver the weapons to patrols
highland patrol right outside encampment around 887, 112, 3712
toxx patrol around druid ring 947, -51, 3459
lowland basin patrol around 2067, -98, 3648
2. Scout Reports... need to do these in order, kejaan rill location last
Toxx patrol - same guy by druid ring you visited earlier
Petrified badlands - around 1467, -39, 3702
Kejaan Rill -  there is no patrol, quest updates at /way 306, 224, 3712
3. Replacing the Missing Patrol 5 locs in keejans rill
1st. -159, 230, 3382
next 37, 220, 3693
next 295, 225, 3698
next 511, 198, 3966
next 671, 185, 4046
last 1078, 137, 3962
4. Completing the Reporting Chain.. go back to Ghalib in Paineel

back in Paineel
finish quest with Ghalib and examine Strange Looking Bones you got from Completing the Reporting Chain quest
1. Strange Looking Bones...find someone  able  to identify bones.. go to  Inayat in necro hall

Inayat Wijdani - get quest from him after finishing Strange Loking Bones
1. An Interesting Find... see everyone
Necromantic Scholar Kirarn in necro hall, Strategic Scholar Jup'kib in Hall of Fell Blade and 1 in hall of wizardry and
Archanic Scholar Lii'dial, return to Inayat, then to Ghalib who says I need to learn more about the area.

Time to go to Kerran Isle (keep reading)!



Boralius at the druid ring hut gives quest: A Trip to the Isle

Kerran Isle
Hitus Sharpclaw:

(oops missed one) Nom Noms
1. Lol Kerra...6 catnip harvest
2. Stealin' Ur Milk..2 milk from village cows
3. I Can Has.. collect ingredients
4. You can has.. give queen half
5. A Royal Crush.. rare flower..west side of large rock on edge by gorillas
Ritualist Joyaren:
6. Going coconuts.. shake tree gather coconut(very very small)
7. Mother's Milk.. capture Tigress
8. Get Rid.. 4 tigers
9. Cats and Dogs... kill 12 kobolds
10. Yityen Care..see Yityen
Shaman Yityen:
11. Warding the on all the wards
12. Displaced Hopes...go to toxx kill prowlers
13. A Rat's Chance.. kill rats
14. A Trap in the Hand.. place rat traps
15. Sunday Sunday Sunday...see Pitmaster Shar'rik
21. Check the traps
Pitmaster Shar'rik
16.In This Corner(Kerran rite of passage)
17. Returning Victorious
Simerah Everfur:
18. The Missing Fuzzy
Tiger Caretaker:
19. A Dirty Job.. kill 5 pouncers
20, Feed the Tigers..kill 7 vagabonds (repeatable once a day)
Queen Martah:
22. Grape Apes.  kill 5
23. Gorililililas! one pristine hide
24. There and Back paineel council chambers
25. Here Kitty Kitty... to pitmaster
Kejek Chief Nuryen
26. They Cannot be Trusted...pick up crate at /way 1854, -298, 3450
27. Proof queen and back
28. Need More Proof.. triggered spawn attacks as u reach keejan's rill
Lillithiah Feathertail
29. Worrisome incense from Purrak (faction merchant)
30. Feathers for Peace of Heart...kill 7 vagabonds

Back to Paineel to see Ghalib
1. Investigating Strange Bones..  ghalib  asks you to kill mobs  to get random chest updates  from large meat eater mobs mostly wyverns wurms tox flys raptors for 10 bones then back to him

........ then you will go to keejan's rill where you will meet JinTu
the large Panda ghost who gives you a new quest and sends you back to ghalib
to say you found nothing..

Ghost Panda quests for Travel Charm

1. Proving Intentions...harvest skull from necros, talk to fawzi,destroy flower
2. Ensuring the Corruption.. get water sample
3. Where the rare plant grows...Daturi is between kobolds and tigers /way 1421, 24, 2126
4. Grinding Bones...kill a petrified cackler
5. Battle of Ages Past...receive Jin'tu's Gift for travel to Pandas


More Quests below keep reading we aren't done yet!




1. Village People...god see Svyi           2kfaction
Luah Seigh
1. Fishing Dangerously..kill 12 tetras     2k faction
Svyi Tu'usto
1.Preparing for the Worst....get supplies 261, 224, 3686  2kfaction
2. Training the young... weapon racks      2k
3. A Day in the Life... see Jaen           2k
Majho Jung
1.Carving the Past.. kill wayward stonevines    2k
2.Cementing the Pieces... kill bristlevine abhorrences 2k
3.One Chip at a Time... underfoot hardstompers  2k
4.Shiny In and Out... tox flies..               2k
Mashi Su'Wah
1. Fancy Dishes...8 beetles                     2k


Mushien Lou
1. Culture and Poetry...make a poem        2k
2. Leaves of Green...5 tea leaves sparkly bushes near druid ring  2k
3. The Water of the Tiger..get water       2k
4. Partaking for Tea and Soul.. drink tea  2k
Jaen Tiuni
1. Bamboo Bending...harvest 10 bamboo      2k
2. Meeting the Locals...see 4 pandas       2k
3. Need to Stick Together...12 toxic crawlers  2k
4. A Pic-a-nic Basket...strong raptor triggered spawn around 609, 129, 3684          2k
1. Food, Food, and More Food..5 prowlers        2k
2. Searching Far and Wide..plants from kerra    2k
3. Respect Your Elders..see Elders              2k
Elder Su'Linh
1.Going OVer the Great Wall..tell patrol to leave 2k
2. Paying Respects 5 flowers on glowies
1) 683, 185, 4026
2) 823, 169, 3937
3) 876, 145, 4135
4) 750, 180, 4136
5) 735, 194, 4071 on hill                 2k
3. Making Life a Bit Easier...12 battlemages    2k
4. The Matron Mandates... see matron            2k
Matron T'Akinu
1. Buried Troubles...near goiters very small mounds of dirt dig up then harvest boxes              2k
2. Grab and Go... get sand                      2k
3. Toxic Teachings ../way 470, 143, 2996 toxic leeches              2k
4. Clawing the Way Out..6 crageyes              2k
5. Bring Me a Shrubbery..shrub in cave          2k 
6. Sapping the Saplings  destroy 5 plants       2k
7. Meeting the Progeny..Speak with Bai'Yun      2k
1. A Visual Emergency.Run past goiters to road head towards the mound and body is located at 268,126,2748 burn body timed event    2k
2. Handbook for the Recently Deceased           2k                      
Wan Sengo
1. To Paint a Pretty Picture../way 680, 140, 3050  yeti fur          2k

Collections further down keep reading!


Collections and their rewards:

A Graphmeter Fragment:
Guantlets of the Elemental Warrior
Karborite Crystal: Observatory

Battle Relics from Keejan's Rill:
Forearm's of the Elemental Soldier
Karborite Crystal: Battle Relics

Clothing of the Kejek:
a gilded potion bottle 250sp
Karborite Crystal:Kejek

Crageye Parts:
Coif of the Elemental Soldier
Kaborite Crystal:Crageye

Fearstalker Remains:
a golden potion bottle 250sp
Karborite Crystal:Fearstalker

Fearsome Weapons of the Gruengach:
an elaborate potion bottle 250sp
Kaborite Crystal:Gruengach

Gardens of Erudin
an elaborate Ca'Na pot
Kaborite Crystal:Gardens

Glyphed Relics
Mantle of the elemental Soldier
Kaborite Crystal:Relics

Hua Main Bamboo Items:
Mantle of the Elemental Soldier
Kaborite Crystal:Hua Mein

Kerran Toys:
Sandals of the Elemental Pummeler
Karborite Crystal:Kerran Toys

Lowland Basin Goos and Gobs
Boots of the Elemental Soldier
Kaborite Crystal:Goos

Ning Yun Beads
Legguards of the Elemental Pummeler
Kaborite Crystal:Ning Yun

Petrified Badlands Creature Remnants
a Toxxulian guardian 50sp
Kaborite CrystalL Remnents

Quel'Ule Research Manuals
Sabatons of the Elemental Warrior
Kaborite Crystal:Quel'Ule

Rubble Items from Old Paineel
Bracer of the Elemental Warrior
Karborite Crystal:Rubble

Salts from Highland Salts
Gloves of the Elemental Soldier
Karborite Crystal:Salts

Shadow-Marked Items
Greaves of the Elemental Warrior
Kaborite Crystal:Shadow

Slobberjaw Relics:
Bracers of the Elemental Warrior
Kaborite Crystal:Slobberjaw

Tabards of the Deepwater Knights
a Ca'Na clay pot  250sp
Kaborite Crystal: Deepwater

Toxxulian Flora and Fauna
Winged Sentinel charm illusion
Karborite Crystal:Toxxullian

Stonebrunt Highlands:Karborite Crystals
Rune of El'Arad

Sundered Frontier:Kaborite Crystals
Rune of Al'Kabor






Ritsy's Lucky String HQ (by BinderTwoshots)

(risty's delivery and ritsy's rewards steps humbly copied from Cloudrat)

Ritsy in back of second level of rat cave just past the crystal people or you can jump down to a ledge from the
edge of the island and go in that way, jump off at 945, -48, 3058, floating recommended
pre requisites: lvl 85 required and A Rodent Problem questline from Paineel needs to be completed

1. Ritsy Delivery (courier can spawn anywhere a roekillik can spawn and doesn't show up on track )
possible locations: 942, -196, 3377 or 1080, -188, 3416 or 1065, -191, 3261
2. Ritsy Business gather 15 stomachs from toxxulia guardians, uncommon drop from small chests, each group member loots
3. Ritsy Rewards.. kill 5 named mobs in Sundered

The locations for the 5 ring events that you need to do to get names are:

wyverns are in tox loc is 242.63, 150.33, 2852.45
kobolds are east of the wyverns up on the cliff  -31.90, 176.37, 2856.81
gazer is at 1257.34, -18.47 , 3831.83
the pile of bones is in the skelly caves near the druid rings.  374.43, -60.19 , 3624.94
nasty bug ring event at 1097, -295, 3381  near Ritsy jump down where there are crystal people

After them you will have to do an instance in The Hole called Demitriks Revenge

Then go back to Ritsy and after some talk he attacks you. Kill him and he drops Ritsy's Lucky String(quest starter) and you recieve Ritsy's scribbled notes.

Ritsy's Lucky String HQ.

I don't have the steps yet but I'll post the notes' text. Maybe someone else can offer some help.

My lucky string... I wishes to make it my lucky bow! I have learned that my brothers and sisters may have founded the rest of the bow but hid them aways from mees! Pieces may be hidden in the great fortress guarded by the long deads. I might needs some sort of key to unlock more clues insides. Someone told meez they they threw it in the water.

Next I will finds a leather grip... Maybez someone who might be a grand hunters might know wheres I can finds a good grip. Note to selfs: I should stock up on catnip for trade...I will alsos need some sort of very strong bindings. I might be able to finds it near where observers might be.

Last I will need some soft(typo should be SORT) of bow shaft. Possiblies something made of underfoot stone. Oooo maybe made of gold!








Major Spoiler: Quests in Stonebrunt Highlands+ Digging in the Dirt HQ (by Chikkin)





Ziya by zone in
1. Parted From Pack... find backpack on the ground among kobolds to the left, harvestable "a Travel pack"
possible locations: -210, 390, 1504 or -152, 392, 1489 or -185, 387, 1466 always on the grass against a rock
you can track it with gnomish divining rod or use tab / F8 to target nearest NPC
2. Moonfield Hamlet.. Find Alwar Tissuyr, he's at Moonfield, run west from launch pad


Alwar Tissuyr
1. Grrr, Interrupted... 8 slobberjaws (kobolds in area)
2. Might Need Convincing.. convince people not to leave (talk to them)
3. Eye Spy.... kill 10 gazers (meandering overseers east of Moonfield work)

gives more quests later on:
4. Too Big to Mail.. pick up box behind him, deliver to Quel'ule to Jinan

Gamila Haziiya
1. Rawritor...catch Rawritor chokemon around -75, 368, 895 (by Silbian)
pre-req for this quest is having done the original Chokemon:Grassgalor from Timorous Deep
have to do
then the following quest

1. Wand Effectiveness Test... test wand on highland fearstalker (works while invisible)
2. Wand Effectiveness Test: Part 2... test new wand on highland fearstalker (breaks invis, can be resisted!! but
should kill the mob to update quest)

Ebodold Tongofur
1. An Organic Matter of Fact..equip gnomalin rod (impairs vission and walking ability), collect mud (green sparkly piles)
2. The Truth is in the Flame... brazier at 195, 411, 1250   colors: red blue yellow
3. Same Gnomalin, Different Day.. 6 stalagmaws (ropers at -289, 378,1259)


1. Slitherstrike Skins... 10 mambas
2. Fearstalker Pelts... 8 fearstalkers
3. Driving Back the Overseerers... 6 gazers
4. The Help is Helping... speak to Lujayn, back to Naji

Lujayn Molefiir
1. Finding Silbian... -101, 368, 897

1. Blighted Contagion... 8 blighted fearstalkers (north of Moonfield, past highland fearstalkers)

Gawdit Gigglegibber
1. Follow the Money... body loot from scintillas (north of Moonfield among fearstalkers) and stalagmaws (around -289, 378,1259 ) then use rock polisher in bag
2. Gawdit's Got a Plan... sell rocks to Nizar

Todden Gremner
1. Todden Gremner's Lucky Spoon... lure the beast, get back spoon -49, 367, 1237 Frightfang

Chef Bahiyya
1. The Erudin Chef in a nook by banker /way 232, 413, 1263
mushrooms by pool and in stalagmaw cave
taste stew in pot next to her
talk to Chef again
2. My Life in Odus.. bring some fearstalker carcasses.. 6 body drops from nearby highland stalkers
talk to Chef, taste stew next to her again
3. Mastering the Art of Erudite Cooking... gather(skill 1 ) 6 Odus sweet potatoes, small white flowers by Maven's Reach close to Quel'ule
talk to chef, taste stew again



Jinan Haffah
1. Kabritic Tephra... mine 10 (mining skill 1) debris on the road and south of Quel'ule
2. Additional Research.. speak to Razin Othologold

Razin Othologold
1. Out of Thin Air... take a sample of air at 4 key locations
statue of Quelious -423, 384, 793
statue of Cazic- Thule at -131, 366, 745
at aquaduct pool -420, 379, 735
above entrance to Nexus at -270, 359, 612
2. Altered Beasts... kill 8 spell-shocked slobberjaws (body dropped patch of fur) around  -122, 349, 524
3. Darkest Dust... 10 whirling maelstroms to the NQ of Quel'ule (body drop: maelstrom Dust) watch out for knockback

questline ends here with him saying keep your eyes open, he is willing to pay for substantial evidence of void's foul play

1. Worthwhile Weeds... 6 niblers (red-ish looking leafy plants) in Ghanlin's Descent, NW of Quel'ule, by spell shocked kobolds

later on (possibly faction triggered, I got quest at 90 with 11500 amiable faction with Researchers of Quel'ule) he gives:
2. Friendship Through Flora.. take vegetable basket (given by Hamzar) to Mu Ping just outside pandas 423, 316, 401
Mu Ping thanks you and advises to talk to Wu Gang who offers initial faction quests opening Disciple of the Circling Destiny faction

Asad the Bitter
1. Taming the Terrorfangs... bring 15 tails (terrorfangs=evil kerra among trees around -99, 274, 205)

Budiir Il'Nar
1. Odd Creations.... 6 bloodgorgers
2. Why Won't They Leave...6 flowers

Researcher Tzuien
you will be directed to him after finishing Assistant Larriden's quests
1. Field Reporter... participate in battle, Battle Notes update when you kill 1 attacker yourself
2. Organizing is a Battle... pick up 5 papers around him, some are not correct papers
3. Interview the Strategist... talk to Chief Strategist Jasim

Chief Strategist Jasim (quest opens after finishing Tzuien quests)
1. To Do is to Learn.... kill 9 void
2. Save What You Can... assist 3 wounded soldiers (leave the first closest one you see by the edge of cliff for last update)
3. Windows of Opportunity... slay an Erudin voidcaller -487, 512, 119 or -482, 447, 420 or -313, 464, 247 seems to be any of those tent locations)
3A. drops from voidcaller corpse: Void Orders: starts Orders from the to Chief Strategist Jasim
get quest from Void Orders after you talk to Jasim about previous quest,
have to finish this quest to continue Jasim's quests
4. To Outwit Your Shadow... blow up tunnel opening in abandoned kejan village  -1006, 521, 679
5. Entrepreneur Opportunities... go back to Tzuien

by Quel'ule launch pad

Assistant Larriden
1. The Withering of Leaves...6 netherpetal nibblers
2. Getting to the Roots... 4 more
3. Calming a  Strom... 5 maelstroms
4. Report to Tzuien in main Quel'ule

Shareon Beligeh
1. Water the Soldiers...3 buckets of water by streams /repeatable
2. Hunting rations...5 highland fearstalkers  /repeatable

Defender Ruhi
1. Fight for Your Right to Research...4 void  assaulters
2. Cut Off the Head...kill Ghazi the Conqueror who leads the assault


Kalib Al'Sayegh  (most likely faction required for him to start giving quest, mine was around 10000 amiable with Researchers)
1. Ridge Reconnaissance.. investigate cave to the north, entrance at -572, 468, 342, talk to Shahli on other end of cave, back to Kalib

when you  return and tell him that you met kerra  Kalib just says that they will take care of kerras after they are done with void threat and quest closes
but.. if you tell  Kalib that it was a false report ( hiding the fact you talked to Shahli) you get next quest:

2. A Secret is Saved.. go back to Shahli (money and necklace as reward)


ABANDONED KEJEK VILLAGE thru cave/tunnel by voids -568, 468, 340

Lyre Shiro
1. Searching for Trinkets from the Past... find broach in village
upstairs in tall building  -1016, 542, 529
2. Anger and Denial... kill 12 skeletons
3. Depression and Bargaining... repair gravestones (graves on edge of cliff just N of questgiver)
4. Finally Acceptance.. place flowers on repaired graves
5. Speak to Imba

Imba Shiro
1. Stealing from Thieves... 8 supplies (terrorfangs in Ghanlith's Descent), brown crates spawning around tree roots (group update)
2. Brethren Corruption... rituals on coerced terrorfangs at -346, 534, 30
use stones provided 3 winds, 3 sun, 3 flora  on any of the coerced nihilist, aggressor or arsonist (you will pull them that way)
3. Shifting News for Nuryen... go to Kejek Chief  Nuryen on Kerra Isle




Taysir Al'babr
1. Paying respects to the Lesser Greats
inspect 4 graves at 473, 234, -167
2. Hunting for a Headstone
up by goat people,  around outside or on roof of goatmen caves, bring gnomish divining rod to track it
harvest "fractured headstone", lately very often seen on roof at 246, 301, 163
go back to 4 graves by mausoleum,  repair 4th headstone
3. With Regards to the Goatmen... speak to Ithurial Ra'Nar close by

Ithurial Ra'Nar
1. Gruengach Quash.. kill Gruengach 6 haruspexes, 6 annihilators, 6 legionaires
2. Pilfered from Pilgrims.. recover 6 manuals from Gruengach cave, look for stacks of books each giving 1 update
3. Scions of the Deepwater Knights... speak with Hannad Jaleel nearby

Hannad Jaleel
1. A Night at the Theatre... speak with Sulayman at Deepwater Pavilion  -151, 181, -445
watch the performance to update (15 minutes of standing there), go back to Hannad
(at any time later on you can talk to Sulayman and start the show again)



1. Who's paranoid?....5 paranoid overseers around 124, 196, -238


1. Foreign Invaders...6 carnivorous netherblooms right outside, the flowers by trees
repeatable quest for 500 faction with Scions of the Deepwater Knights
other targets of quest are: skeletal blightstalkers behind pavillion 
or hulking undercrawlers - spiders just outside

1. Eight-legged Monstrosities!.... 8 spiders outside Pavilion
2. Shredmistress Ikaika... kill her, wanders around -11, 250, -130
3. Strange Bedfellows... speak to Laila

Laila (after you finish Muntasir's quest)
1. Corruptive Elements... kill 10 shadowmen corruptors (each paired with a kobold)
2. An Agent in the Field... find Shafi Af'Mon 61, 531, -51 ( fly to marred plateau and run  to other side of gardens building)


Shafi Af'mon (fly to Marred Plateau)
1. Shut Them Down... deactivate 2 teleporter invibitors (gold altars)
1st -278, 533, -389 NE part of Gardens
2nd -206, 533, -127 South part od Gardens
go back  to Laila (use teleporter next to Shafi which now works)

after you're done with Shafi, Laila offers quest: Meet Qutaybah.. speak with Qutaybah(in Pavilion)

1. A Show of Force..kill 6 Theerian shadowblades and 6 void destroyers in Erudin Gardens
use portal by Laila to get there
2. Disruptions at the Workplace.. kill 6 slobberjaw drudges and 1 slaver ( in mining pit by Gardens)
3. Close Colleague... speak to Tawfiq En'Tal

Tawfiq En'Tal
1. Observe and Purloin... find void-laced kaborite
fly to Marred Plateau, then to Eye of El'Arad,
harvest kaborite (inside observatory), looks like a gem mounted on a tripod, trackable by divining rod
2. Voidgazer Wazir.. kill Voidgazer Wazir, single^ in Eye of El'Arad observatory
there's also a ^^ heroic Astronomer in there, appears to have no quest to kill him though



the NPC's by launch pad have quests for Erudin Palace and Erudin Research Halls - zones  not in game yet
lvl 92-94 heroic quests



Wu Gang
1. Repelling the Gruengach... 8 strikers  (uncommon update) gives +20000 Disciples of the Circling Destiny
2. Defending Ning Yun Retreat... 8 slobberjaw around -44, 295, 350
Defending quest becomes a repeatable with goatmen, slobberjaws or overseers as targets

Zhen Gao
1. The Three Tidings..
A.learn from Tai Wei
Tai Wei: Smoke gets in Your Eyes.. light 5 incense, 2k faction
1st 583, 336, 496
2nd 587, 336, 532 on rock
3rd 563, 332, 544
4th 506, 331, 525
5th 518, 332, 474

B.learn from Bai Jin
Bai Jin: Walking the Central Path: Part One
speak with Kun Ling
speak with Fisherman Uri
Subquest from Uri: A Fast Finishing Fish
he needs you  to get materials for a special fishing pole
obtain bamboo sapling lumber part of pile at 533, 333, 478
razor sharp fang  from meandering overseer (updates from menacing overseers nearby - gazers)
horn from goatman striker - random drop from strikers
use the fishing pole to fish a special node of red snapper from pond by Fisherman Uri
bring red snapper to Kun Ling
subquest from Kun Ling: Walking the Central Path: Part Two... talk to Bai Jin

C. learn from Wen Wen who gives:
1.Ease the Suffering Minds...  kill 8 spell-shocked slobberjaws around -46, 294, 349
2. Dark Cravings...kill 10 gruengach
3. Call Off the Hunt... talk to Exploration Commander Kuil in Moonfield, go back to Wen Wen
4. Additional Teachings... talk to Xue Chao
Subquests from Xue Chao:
1. The Non-Harmful Way...convince Buhuo Yurou to release wisplings (a.k.a. talk to him)
2. Stalking the Stalkers... kill 6 skeletal fearstalkers NE of Pandas around 183, 247, 46
3. Shaping a Clearer Mind.. use prayer beads to meditate at Maven's reach (big rock SE of pandas, climb
wall at 79, 385, 592)
climb up 2 rope laders and use beads when message indicates
go back to Xue Chao, then back to Wen Wen (gives +10000 to Disciples of the Circling Destiny)
after completing A, B and C return to Zhen Gao to finish The three Tidings

2. The Three Jewels
find blue amber... mine a blue amber deposit ( found it at 0, 379, 708 )
find red amber... mine a red amber deposit , randomly spawning in that whole area from pandas towards  Maven's reach to the east
find white amber.. mine a white amber deposit ( found it at 277, 283, 256), usually a couple outside gruengach caves
all these nodes have names above them, trackable by gnomish divining rod, they look like a rock with blue gem on top

Zhou Yin
1. Piranha Poaching... 20 piranha
2. bountiful Berries... harvest 10 mavenberries by Maven's reach (big rock to the SE)


Digging in the Dirt - Heritage Quest

Kalaish Al'Rabin in Moonfield Hamlet

look for lost Clan Gragnar kobolds - path starts at -324, 387, 931, go along ledge, through cave, through another ledge,
then another cave, quest updates around -579, 478, 891 "
found a small group of Gragnar

next step: find something which proves existance of clan Gragnar:
update comes from a Gragnar hoarder at -562, 478, 946 in corner of that cave, loot "an ancient helm" small chest drop
go back to kalaish

find a lost scout Ozlem Fatar who never returned from patrol in the mountains:
his body is at -174, 372, 928, examine it ( you find his journal)
bring journal back to Kalaish

go talk to Khaliq Keshalian near Quel'ule, by launch pad:
help him recover voidcraft controler from terrofangs - update comes in small chest from a wandering
mob among terrorfangs called "a terrorfang plunderpaw" (he can currently assasinate you, root or kite or use pet)
loot a smashed voidcraft controller from him

back to Khaliq
activate 3 beacons for him:
primary -543, 376, 633
secondary -141, 366, 718
tertiary -439, 388, 828 
talk to Khaliq, then talk to him again after his failed experiment

activate controller he gives you at the edge of Cleft of Tranquility
green message across your screen will indicate a suitable location, around 51, 447, 243 at the end of the cliff up north
go back to Khaliq

search the sources of magical anomaly
go to gruengach cave, entrance to cave is at 370, 275, 165
kill Xosith the Greedy ( in cave keep to the right to find him, he stands at the beginning of next large room)
loot large iron key from him

find chest in the other chamber in that cave at  283, 227, 78 and open it
quest finishes

rewards: Grimblade
89011 status at 87








Major Spoiler: Repeatable Quests+ Daily faction quests + City writs from Paineel (by Chikkin)



Sundered Frontier

Craftkeepers /Paineel faction - directed at crafters / low level adventurers

all started by Oolioomon just inside crafting building in Paineel,
all awarding 60g50s55c and 2000 City of Paineel/2500 Craftkeepers faction

1. Full Metal Artisan - craft 5 Paineel Greatswords -craft 5 Paineel Greatswords (works in guild hall)
2. Back to the Grindstone - collect dust from 3 boulder dashrs or other elementals (use the device given without aggroing mob)
Underfoot Hardstompers in Lowland Basin work too
3. Best Buds - gather 5 flower buds in Toxx Forest (big purple bulb-like flowers)
4. Paineel Replenishment - must harvest 50 local harvests, only wood, dens, ore and roots work  (no bushes or fish)
5. Bready Goodness - cook 10 boiled bread rolls and/or Erudin Espresso, recipe given in earlier quests
for Paineel, work  in guild hall
6. Stonebrunt Express - pick up box at Oolioomon's feet, deliver it to Moonfield Hamlet to a box next to
banker (213, 413, 1257)
7. Further Essential Studies - capture 3 essences of the dead in Old Paineel Ruins - use device given on 3 ghosts


Kerra Isle faction

Hut by druid ring 2 NPC's - adventure quests involving killing 80+ mobs or running around in their close proximity,
not recommended for low levels, all quests give at least 10g 5s 35c and +50  Kerra Isle faction

Hunter Rajik gives Hunting for the Hunters
1. get 15 toxic crawler carapaces (kill update) can be combined with getting crawler eggs from Forager Rilloke
2. get 15 shambler stalks - kill update from briarroot horrors along the path to Toxx above questgiver
3. get 15 toxxulia prowler meats - kill update from nearby toxxulia stalkers
4. get 8 toxic brute steaks - only killing feral bruisers updates this (not toxxulia savages), entrance to yeti
ledge is at 609, 90, 3196 from tox flies area

Forager Rilloke gives Foraging for Goodies
1. get 15 fallen shambler stalks - harvestable after killing Vile Tramplers around Toxx launch pad area, can get
more than 1 per kill
2. get 8 tox fly larvae - kill update from tox flies around 600, 75, 3395 and north along ledge from there
3. get 15 toxic crawler eggs - harvestable egg (very tiny!!) after killing toxic crawlers around druid ring
area, can be combined with quest for killing crawlers from Hunter Rajik
4. get 15 toxxulia flower buds - big purple bulb-like flowers all over druid ring area and up towards  upper Toxx,
many very close to mobs


on Kerra Isle

Tiger Caretaker Mik'roe in tiger pit (once a day)

Feed the tigers - kill 7 feathered vagabonds, come back where Mik'roe is and "feed the tigers" (click inside of the tiger pit)
reward: at least 30g 10s 55c +1000 Kerra Isle

Kerra Outfitters Daily Supply Tasks

given by Harriet in kerra village
awarding 60g50s55c and 2500 faction with Kerra Isle

1. Kerra Clothing... craft 5 titanium parrying blades (non-outfitters cannot complete this)
2. Weaving a profit... craft 4 bolts of fine cloth, any color works (can be completed by everybody, merchant in same hut sells recipe)
3. Herbal Healing... obtain more supplies, 15 of either one: nepeta buds, salix bark or chrysogena fungus (can be completed by everyone)
4. Paw Tips and Tail feathers.. gather 10 more paws and 10 feathers on kerra isle (can be done by anyone)
5. Defensive Dressing... craft  5 titanium claws (non -outfitters will  not be able to complete)
6. A Close Eye on Quel'ule ... speak to Soren in Moonfield Hamlet ( in Stonebrunt Highlands zone) (can be done by anyone)
7. Kerra Kindling... harvest 25 sumac lumber (anyone with 375 foresting can complete)


Elder Shahib Zaim Retired general in paineel
1. Mending a Broken Land
A. hinder Toxullia by slaying her minions... kill 10 toxxulia guardians in toxx
seek out a way to help kerra
Sub quest from Shaman Keyta Wicker
travel to Petrified badlands and listen to message from fallen kerra scout
she gives a pendant you need in bags to hear message
wandering nightmares keep attacking (even with invis)
talk to "a wandering kerran spirit" wandering around 1396, -13, 3762, he has a book above him, trackable
B. seek out a way to help hua mein
Sub quest Into the Arena.. talk to Shi'jan Sensou the Arena Master at -415, 278, 3209, defeat panda champion

after this return to Shahib in Paineel, reward: Mark of Manaar, money

2. The Never Ending Mending of a Broken Land.. daily reapeatable version of the same quest



Hua Mein Daily Supply Tasks

given by Yun Zi in panda village
awarding 60g50s55c, also 1000 faction to Hue Mein and 2500 faction to Hua Mein Craftsmen

1. Hua Mein Heating... harvest 25 sumac lumber ( anyone can do, HAVE to harvest yourself to update)
2. The Bear Necessities... craft something specific to your skill (non-craftsmen will not be able to complete)
currently bugged and updates from crafting sumac clubs, possibly other items for other craftsmen
3. Netting More Fish... catch 25 fresh octopuss and 1 seahorse roe ( have to fish it, can be completed by everyone with skill 375)
4. Shining Shells.. gather 15 shells from bottom of lake in panda village, small white flat shells, zoom in
5. Honoring the Ancestors.. obtain 5 sumac lumber or bamboo shoots ( have to harvest, getting from broker or having it in bags does not work,
then burn the offering ( click green shiny)  at the beginning to panda cave -406, 279, 3052
6. A Tasty Task... craft 5 baked fish ( can be done by anyone, recipe comes from Observatory supply list book that everyone who did crafting line got)
7. Hua Mein Craftsmanship... craft 5 sumac clubs ( for woodworker, it differes for provisioners and carpenters) only craftsmen will be able to complete


Quel'ule (by launch pad)

Shareon Beliqeh
1. Water the Soldiers - gather 3 buckts of water (around -253, 377, 700) on edges of streams, bring water to 1 soldier,
1 vindicator, 1 defender, 1 protector and 1 watcher at battlefield (-390, 371, 628 ), return to Shareon
rewards: exp, at least 10g 5s 35c no faction

2. Hunting Rations - kill 5 highland fearstalkers around pond area south of Quel'ule
rewards: sliver of experience, at least 10g 5s 35c, no faction

Quel'ule Daily Supply Tasks

given by Researcher Azira in main Quel'ule
awarding 60g50s55c and 2500 faction with researchers of Quel'ule

1. Reporting to Paineel.. click scroll on table next to her and go to Paineel to Aaliya in Wizard Hall (can be done by anyone)
2. Equipping the Front Line.. craft 5 Shield of Faith V (Journeyman) (non-scholars will not be able to complete)
3. Rebuilding Materials...harvest 25 more materials, either one of: titanium ore, amber, quicksilver, mottled pelts, bamboo roots
or sumac lumber ( anyone with harvesting skills required can complete this)
4. Reinforcing the Wards.. create 5 protective warding spells ( can be completed by all)
5. Tracking the Void Influence.. use device given on a void creature (void assaulters or void crushers work, can be done by low level carefully)
6. Supplies for the Fighters... craft 5 spells ( non-scholars will not be able to complete)
7. Sampling More Strangeness... obtain 12 more strange minerals (sparkling green ore-like nodes around mountains by quelule
and launch pad, mining skill 1, anyone can complete)


Pandas (Disciples of the Circling Destiny)

Wu Gang
1. Defending Ning Yun Retreat... 8 slobberjaw around -44, 295, 350
or 8 goatmen (any seems to work), or 8 overseers around Maven's reach
rewards: experience, at least 10g 5s 35c, +2000 Disciples of the Circling Destiny


Deepwater Pavilion

1. Foreign Invaders...6 carnivorous netherblooms right outside, the flowers by trees
repeatable quest for 500 faction with Scions of the Deepwater Knights
other targets of quest are: skeletal blightstalkers behind pavillion (currently broken, no updates from them)
or hulking undercrawlers - spiders just outside


City Tasks



in Sundered Frontier

80-81 Boulder Dashing... boulder dashers, rolling boulders at eye of dartain area

82-84 Little Sparkling... inimical sparklets, wisps around 408, 104, 3302

in Stonebrunt Highlands

85-86 Taking Down the Gragnars...  Gragnar kobolds up in mountains around  -579, 478, 891

87-88 Floating Scintilla... tainted scintillas, pink wisps around 67, 246, -18 and north of deepwater pavillion

89-90 The Tainted Erudites... erudian observers, scholars or analysts, at eye of el'arad




in Sundered Frontier

80-81 The Stones are Wayward.... wayward stonevines, walking trees at eye of dartain area

82-84 The Time to Vine is Now.... bristlevine abhorences or horrors
abhorences  on brute plateau , entrance at 598, 98, 3200 from tox fly area
briarroot horrors DO NOT UPDATE, no bristlevine horrors to be found

in Stonebrunt Highlands

85-86  Shining Heat Waves...  stonebrunt or glyphweald scintilla, wisps north of Moonfield and NW of Quel'ule

87-88  Dark Stroms...  whirling maelstroms, NE of Quel'ule and at Cleft of Tranquility -275, 460, 262

89-90 Thrashing Titans... void destroyers or dreadclaws, destroyers outside of erudin gardens, dreadclaws at eye of el'arad



in Sundered Frontier

80-81  Cackling to Dust ...petrified cacklers at eye of dartain around 1978, -22, 4002

82-84  Shining Roots... root glimmers, wisps around toxx flight pad

in Stonebrunt Highlands

85-86  Overseeing the Highlands... meandering overseers, in ravine starting around -298, 374, 1280 and going north

87-88  Shocked and Jawed... spell-shocked slooberjaws, NW of Quel'ule

89-90  To Judge a Drudge...slobberjaw drudges, erudin gardens mining pit around  -406, 495, -227


in Sundered Frontier

80-81 Bastion Beating... boulder dashers at eye of dartain area

83-84 Trump the Tramplers...vile tramplers around toxx flight pad

in Stonebrunt Highlands

85-86 Tiny Blood Suckers...needlebeak bloodgorgers, south of Quel'ule around -66, 365, 765

87-88 The Evil Eye...menacing overseers around 396, 364, 612 and maven's reach at 117, 366, 458

89-90 The Touched Erudites.. erudite theurgists, neophytes or acolytes, within erudin gardens


in Sundered Frontier

80-81 The Roots of Horror... briarrot horrors, up the path from druid ring

82-84 Wadi Lizards... wadi scavengers in keejan rill

in Stonebrunt Highlands

85-86 Tough Kitties...highland fearstalkers, north of Moonfield and around pond

87-88 Skeletal Stalking... skeletal fearstalkers, east of Mausoleum around 294, 245, -7

89-90 Terrorizing Void... void destroyers or dreadclaws, destroyers outside of erudin gardens, dreadclaws at eye of el'arad




Major Spoiler: Side trip to KoS for cloud mount questline (by Cloudrat)

Personal cloud questline starts in Tenebrous Tangle

Bilgeron Cogsworth (temple island 51, 22, 190)

1. (57) Cogs on the Droags....Slay 12 droags

2.(59) To the Isle of Fear go to 44, 245, 792 update and be attacked by a treasure guardian

You get a coin from him to inspect to start the next quest

3. (60) An Eye on the Clue ...slay 11 gazers speak to Gnibliks who is standing there with you or return to Bilgeron.

Gniblick Shortstacks

1. (61) The Bees Sees .. Slay 12 bixies Slay the elite bixie guard ( a mega bixie brute) Speak to Gnibliks, who has gone to Temple Island where Bilgeron is standing. Speak to Bilgeron

4. (62) Picking Up the Broken Pieces... harvest 8 piles in Sanctum of Scaleborn

5. (62) Follow the Bot need to hail bot to get him started then move towards portal to BS he will say gnomes ahead getting warmer as you head that way then when you arrive at portal warning there had been a (fetal )error and blows up.

6. (63) To the Barren Sky... Go to BS to speak to Frigui

Frigui Togginscog (BS desolation 504,299,-557)

1. (63) In Search of a Bot.. go up path behind Frigui to instance. Attack Varuke Strifewing to open climbing wall.  Climb up and kill Varuke Strifewing who shows up when you try to get bot. Grab bot and go.

2. (64) Another Broken Brain..Head to instance on Strifewind for another bot. Kill mama bird and optional FD on the babies to open door to climbing wall. Left hand middle room NE is Grandaddy Strifewing, kill him get bot.

3. (65) Third Bot is the Charm...Blackwind isle next and ramp up to instance is at -549, 132, 249 Crags Blackton is guarding the bot, kill him.

4. (66) Help from the Air...See Turk and he hints you need to learn language from Turk.


1.(67) Another Aerial Attempt (Turk says Hoo'Loh is on Awakened and the journal says he is on Whisperwind , but he is actually on Strifewind at 60, -20, - 417 (on the ground now, instead of up on chain)

5. (67) Searching the Awakened..find collection pages to go with the book binding he gave you in the Palace of the Awakened. Turn in at a collection npc.

6. (67) Heading into the Night... Speak to Zastik in Bonemire use portal on Awakened and you will be right at him.

Zastik Togginscog (Bonemire shattered weir -576, -454, 303 then at the crash site)

1.(67) A Drukin Archeologist... Drukin Tellfizz is on a ledge you have to carefully jump down to at -767, -472, 170

Drukin Tellfizz

A.(67) Drukin Tellfizz, Stuck Gnome..equip bow and shoot bones above that are pretargetted .

B. (67)Drukin Tellfizz More Than Just a Stuck Gnome.. collect 6 vertebrae

C. (69) Travel to the Crash Site... speak to Zastik

2.(70) A Stealthy Guarding ... see Roywinkle Elman in front of Blackscale 123, 210, -662 Get attacked by a group of droags and kill them then return to crash site.

3.(70) A Dragon and a Ninni...halls of fate island down the side -73, -618, 190 rescue Ninni Duvawinkle When talking to Zastik need to look down from above since his third option is hidden underground otherwise and it's the one you need.

4.(70) Back to the Beginning.. Speak to Bilgeron

Bilgeron gives you a book to examine which gives you the quest..

(70) One Last Chance Treasure...find the lost treasure explore the grounds then find the x on the ground near vultak cloud pad . Click on the X follow vine to treasure, ride the updraft back. Talk to Bilgeron and ride your cloud away





Mythical Walkthrough Spoiler by Craxx

1. Talk to Erudite in TT directly to your right when you zone in (he will not give you quest)
2. in Lavastorm talk to Researcher Sel'Quar
3. Paineel, Hall of Wizardry speak to Sa'ib Waseem
4. Fly to Eye of Dartain, pick up book at 1804, 0, 4304
5. Return to Sa'ib from step 3
6. Travel to Rat caves 1254, -166, 3294 click on dead chick
7. see step 5
8. Return to Rat caves, kill rats till body drop.
9. see step 7
10. Harvest twilight blooms in Tox forest.. known loc is in the area of 572, 140, 3097 around where the brutes spawn
Kill underfoot levitatestones near 1277, 0, 4139
Kill stonecold carrions near 1410, -31, 3711
11. see step 9
12. Travel back to rat caves down waterfall to 1291, -249, 3239 click on illuminated area.. kill named that comes..harvest
13. see step 11
14. Get new quest and travel to SBH Quel'ule .. talk to Lama at -438, 379, 655
15. Collect pondweed from the bottom of the pond 50, 363, 960
Mambas are right near the pond area
Scintillas are above the pond
16. return to Lama but this time behind Mausoleum of Scholars at 548, 233, -96
17. Zone to Library of Erudin .. book on one of moon-shaped tables on second floor at random location.
18. Return to Lama in Quel'ule
19. Collect the items she lists for you.. the blood of the dragon comes from the dragon in Vasty Cella, Mercury is in the contested hole at -18, -105, -794 , Erudin Research halls for powder off third named. mindflow crystal is in Demetrik's Bastion -214, -37, 136
20. see step 18
21. see step 9
22. Meet the NPC at 619, 112, 2975