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Qeynos Revamp - Storyline Quests

After reaching levels 20, 40, 60, and 80, players should seek out Murrar Shar in Qeynos Capitol District (near Claymore) who will direct them to those needing assistance within the city.

Class quests are here.
Racial quests are here.

Level 20 Timeline

A light of Hope (Murrar Shar - NQ Qeynos Claymore)
The queen ordered some work done to address aging structures. She paid with her own coffers and has petitioned the Circle of Ten for improving battlements and harbour but not everyone agrees that the work is necessary.

Queen Antonia Bayle doesn’t want to assert a sovereign right needlessly and rules by Law except for things she deems critical to the safety of Qeynos and its citizens, for example with the New Combine.

Seeking Superior Salve (Harkam Nubbytoe – Elddar Grove 796.08, -22.05, -541.45 ) - reward: Painting: Qeynos at Dusk house item
Harkam tends to Antonia and her guests in the palace and was sent there to tend to the citizens of Willow Wood who got hurt in the gnoll attacks… but there’s also Void tainted wounds. He’ll sent you to the Temple of Life to get an arcane salve.

Secrets and ceremonies down below
The medic wasn't a priest! Only the Bloodsabers could make an act so vile and they're rumored to be under our very feet.

Gnoll Threat Within - reward: Pennant of the Royal Guard house item
Priest Ian Turner stopped buy and brought the real Superior Salve of Nife and confirmed that he was attacked by Bloodsabers.
You have other things to do though. Some Gnolls ran for Elddar Grove while citizens escaped Baubbleshire and you'll have to find them.


Dire Delivery to Ironforge - reward: Painting:The Qeynos Castle house item
While you were fighting the gnolls, Ian Turner gave an answer about the canopic jars. They must be dispose of carefully or they would cause a major plague.



Marr's Work Been Done (Kwipp Stalwart - NQ, Claymore Plaza 322.56, -19.97, -56.06 )
Kwipp Stalwart was given an account of your deeds by the circle of Ten, Harkam Nubbytoe and Baron Ironforge being both members of it. You'll have to keep the queen informed and so you'll need to gather reports from Froglocks around the city


Full Circle - reward: Qeynos Guard cloak of service
You should report the city trouble to Vishra, most trusted guard and military commander of Antonia.

(end of Harkam and Kwipp questline)

Where help is needed (Rinna – Elddar Grove 796.08, -22.05, -541.45 )
Rinna is getting overwhelmed by the refugees and needs you to gather some crates of supplies and distribute them.

Paid on Delivery - reward: Torch of the Celestial Watch house item
You're sent to investigate the low food supplies.

Law of the Land
Rinna thinks the same thing as you are: you were set up. She'll remind you to go to the guards if you need help, as nobody is above the law.

On the Run - reward: Painting: Qeynos Gates house item
The Qeynos Guard thinks Rinna is a criminal who did acts of rebellious behavior against the queen. You find it hard to believe so it's tile to track her down.

(end of Rinna timeline)

Level 40 Timeline


The Eagle and the Hawk (Murrar Shar - NQ Qeynos Claymore) - reward: Pennant of the Concordium house item
Speak once more to Murrar Shar. He'll say your work was noticed especially by Councilman Marik McPerson (even if seems to be not very well aware of what happened to you).
Field Marshal Vishra also sent a summon for you.


Long Live the Queen (Field Marshal Vishra)
There seems to be some evil in the city and Vishra needs someone to investigate some leads. Something should be happening tonight. You'll have to meet one of the contacts to get more informations.


Unsafe Harbor - reward: Lion's mane counter house item
It seems the plotters were preparing a high seas attack. Antonia is planning a meeting with the Far Seas to procure more goods for the city. More proof is needed though, and Vishra will send mens to search the ships. You'll need to try to root out some more plotters, probably around the docks. Kill the plotters if they don't surrender and gather the supplies for Qeynos.


Proof in Writing
Vishra will work with the Royal Antonican Guard to devise a plan.
he'll tell you that he watched the queen grow up in Tearfall and went with her to Qeynos when she came to claim the crown. The strange part is that she wasn't aware of what she was. They all were tought that the Bayle line was ended and the royal barge with the surviving members of the House lost at sea. Queen Aphonia was aware of Antonia's lineage and a group of strong village warrior and a male from the outlying islands were choosen to go with her, as is custom with the Sisters of Tearfall. Vishra told Antonia the truth shortly before reaching Qeynos. The Council decided she was the true hair after seeing an affidavit from Antonius Bayle IV and evidences of her lineage leading back to him. Some questionned the evidence, including Bellengere the Three and Baron Ironforge who thought it was a forgery. With Kyle Bayle challenging Antonia they question her right to rule. Not enough writings from Antonius Bayle IV are known to make a perfectly valid authentification. You may found some more samples in the library.


Sink or Swim - reward: Pennant of the Celestial Watch house item
We'll be going to escort Antonia in small and discreet groups made of the finest Royal Antonican Guard so as not to attract attention.


(end of Vishra Timeline)


Spies in Qeynos (Marik McPherson III, 572.28, -17.12, 261.79 ) - reward: Lion's mane counter house item


Propaganda Postings
Marik thinks that Qeynos suffers and that the citizens should be made aware of the situation. You'll have to hang out posters to pass along the information.
Propaganda asks what Antonia has done for citizens, aka rescuing Lucan, open the walls to ratongas and forced cooperation with Freeport with the New Combines.


Of Clocks and Clankers
Marik will tell you that others think the same way as him. A meeting will take place and the location must be told to those interested. You'll have to take a cog code clanker to the Clock of Ak'Anon. The code chimed out will inform members of the meeting's location.


Closing the Black Market (Kyle Bayle, 572.28, -17.12, 261.79 ) - reward: Painting: Baubbleshire house item
When you'll go back to Marik, Kyle bayle will be with him. He'll say that smugglers and black market should be removed from the city.

(end of Marik Timeline)



Level 60 Timeline


Best of Intentions (Murrar Shar - NQ Qeynos Claymore)
You'll tell Murrar Shar that you're happy to have been able to help and glad to have seen the different points of view of citizens. He'll tell you that Lilly Ironforge, daughter of the Baron Ironforge, wants to see you. She seemed nervous.

Note: when you accept this quest, you'll get a mail from Antonia Bayle requesting your presence in the palace.

Ironforged Request (Lilly Ironforge) - reward: Fountain of Storms house item
The Ironforge family is in Qeynos since the days of Antonius Bayle II. She's concerned about her brother Gavin who is acting oddly. She fears he's working with unsavory types and is in danger.


A Baron's Loss (Gavin Ironforge) - reward: Painting: A quite harbor view house item
He manages to finish the armour just in time for an important ceremony.


A body to die for (Baron Ironforge)
The ceremony has for goal to give a body to Kyle Bayle. Not his old body, but the one from a willing volunteer. The armor will strengthen the bond... yes, it's Gavin's body.

(end of 1st Lilly Ironforge timeline)




The Price of the Crown (Antonia Bayle - Qeynos Palace) - reward: Painting: Qeynos Gates Remembered house item
Antonia Bayle is a bit distressed. The poor little thing has to be strong at all times and, sometimes, she just falls apart. Usually in private. Not always...
She recieved an official request from the farmers in Antonica. They need troops but the severity of the problem is not known.


Unexpected Support (Antonia Bayle)
Of course, a brave soldier like you, has a third option: why not try to single handedly crush the attack by yourself? Farmer Gerrit will tell you how you may help.


Tower Defense (Antonia Bayle)
An explosion rocked the Concordium Tower and you propose to go there and work with Lachlyn once more.


The Heart of Qeynos (Antonia Bayle - Qeynos Palace) - reward: Painting: Claymore Plaza house item
Lachlyn leaves and you stay face to face with a flushed and a bit infatuated Antonia. She'll tell you that the Circle of Ten is trying to get her married to get an heir to the throne.
Lachlyn went to the sewers to investigate the bloodsabers who are attempting to take advantage of the chaos created by the tower explosion.

At that point, you'll recieve a letter from Lilly starting her second timeline.




The Eyes have it (Lilly Ironforge - in game mail)
Lilly is distressed, rush to see her!
(note: if you deleted the mail, a courrier will be available. Hailing him will allow you to get the quest).


Blood Ties (Antonia Bayle) - reward: your class weapon
Antonia has a plan. She wants you to go to the Ironforge crypt. Lilly has the key for it. Go back to the Ironforge estate to talk to her. Kyle must be stopped at all cost.

(end of Antonia Bayle timeline)




Level 80 Timeline


The Rightful Heir (Murrar Shar - Qeynos Harbor 872.56, -25.43, 53.39 ) - reward: Painting: Claymore Plaza Remembered house item

Murrar Shar will tell you that Lilly was very angry after what happened in the crypt but now she finds fault with those who really deserve her anger. She played the good daughter and her familly is not suspicious of her involvement in what happened.
Even if Kyle was driven from his body, his followers are still trying to remove Antonia to make way for him as a new King. Lachlyn Cauldthorn is working on some leads and requested your assistance


The Truth of Spies (Lachlyn Cauldthorn)
Lachlyn would like you to pick up informations from the network of Eye of Bayle spies and will give you a list of the drop off places to check.


A Fated Confrontation (Lachlyn Cauldthorn) - reward: Statue: Qeynos Guardian house item
Lachlyn sends you to confront Marik McPherson. He's a warrior who unly understand brute strength and it's what swayed him to Kyle Bayle. You'll have to confront him in the Tin Soldier Practice Rooms for his hand in the death of the spies and his disregard for the authority of the Crown.


Trail of Schemes in the Catacombs (Daylia the Vigil) - reward: Statue: Bayle Nobility house item
Daylia thinks you must be close to something or he wouldn't have been there. Kyle must feel threatened. It could be Kane canopic jars. They weren't in the Ironforge Catacombs despite having been given tho Kaedrin Ironforge. It would be a good idea to investigate further the catacombs below Qeynos. The Bloodsabers won't help Kyle or you wouldn't have had to steal the jars for Kaedrin, but they always tried to return Kane Bayle to life and may have stumbled upon something intersting for Kyle.


Blood for Blood (Vishra and Daylia)
The scroll is not serious enough to be meant for instructions. It probably belonged to a celebrator, not the master of ceremony. But we know what Kyle is searching for: a true resurrection in his own body, which would bolster his claim to the throne. The scroll was intended for Kane Bayle, but Kyle could use it as the same blood flowed in his veins.
Vishra thinks the line "Halls of salted stone, that hold his breath" refers to the old guard barracks and training hall, near the Claymore.


Kaedrin Ironforge's Trial (Murrar Shar) - reward: your class weapon
Queen Antonia requests your presence "where help is needed".


Kaedrin's Fate (Antonia Bayle - Chamber of the Claymore) - reward: Empowered cloak of your class.
Queen Antonia is happy that nobody objected to the sentance. She's aware that some of the members the Council supported Kyle but it is their right. Qeynos is not Freeport and the people freely choose to follow her. Some of those advisers are short sighted, other influenced by personal desires, but they keep check on one another. She wouldn't have acted against Kaedrin Ironforge if he had not killed or let die innocent citizens. You'll be sent to capture but not kill Kaedrin.
(note: if you delete the quest, Antonia will give it back to you if you talk to Rinna)


(end of storyline quests)



Circle of Ten members:

Public members (Circle of Five):

Hidden members:


Field Marshal Vishra is not in the Circle of Ten. He is something like the personnal guardian of Antonia. His main concern is her safety and well being. Part of his duties are attending to her personal duties and he's the one she trusts the most along with Murrar.

Murrar Shar has the same type of duties but if anything needs to be handled outside Qeynos, Murrar is the one to go. He represents Qeynos in diplomatic matters and is an advisor to the Queen and Council.

Cauldthorn Family: Baeden Cauldthorne (according to Vahlen), human ranger, was the trustful friend of Antonia along with Murrar Shar (opening EQ2 movie). He later became, as a "Sir Bayden Cauldthorn", the prophet of Valor in kelethin.
There is now a ranger named Lachlyn Cauldthorn in Qeynos.
Lachlyn and Bayden are brothers and Baeden and Bayden are the same person (typo). Bayden found his calling as the prophet of Valor but Lachlyn continued to be a ranger. During the first adventures, Bayden was a ranger too but his calling changed his life. Touched by Marr, he became a Paladin.