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Class Quests

Once you reach level 20, locate Standar Yorden at the Claymore Plaza in the Qeynos Capitol District who will get you started on your class specific quests.

Storyline quests are here.
Racial quests are here.


Level 20

Saving the Shire (Bellengere the Three - SQ Concordium tower, yellow pad 700.81, 86.88, 130.04 )

Bellengere is not happy with the Queen who is brokering deals with Freeport while her city suffers, leaving the Circle to correct her blunders and repair the damage.

You’re sent to Baubbleshire where demonic forces are invading the area. You’ll have to destroy the demon scouts and gather earth near the portals so the mages can counter the spells used..

That which is ours (Bellengere the Three)
Bellengere is busy and needs a representative to reclaim tomes of knowledge from Castleview Hamlet. A faction of High Elves in the district wants to return to New Tunaria to "fulfill ancestral obligations". Bekkengere doesn't want them to leave with borrowed tomes. They may have simply forgotten they were borrowed, but your presence will help them turn the books back and you're allowed to use force if needed.


Undead Uprising (Bellengere the Three)
A 'heretic' from Paineel arrived in town a week ago and went to Starcrest, gathering followers out of failed Concordium apprentices. He lost control of his powers and hordes of undeads are rampaging through the area. Bellengere has been petitioning Antonia for years to allow the study necromancy. He'll work to repair the political damages done and sends you to Starcrest Commune to kill the undead horde and discover what spells were used.


Level 40

So, I heard you like protals (Bellengere the Three) - reward: Banner of Elddar house item
It seems the arcane portals opened in Qeynos are disrupting the Concordium studies and spells. He did manage to found out how to close them for good with the notes you provided. The Baubbleshire portals are simple alteration-based gates from Rivervale and any other alteration-based spell cross-threaded into them will cause them to collapse. The Starcrest portals are a bit harder to close as you're not versed into necromantic arts. Bellengere will provide a relic to attune your energy to the foreign magic and allow you to close those portals. Assistants will help you in your task.



Level 60


No time for necromancers (Bellengere the Three)
Whole section of the tower are on fire and Bellengere wants you to go and get the heretic. His last task made you unconfortable though. Your undeads were destroyed and the portals reopened, which means the heretic is purposedly unleashing them upon the city. Bellengere tells you that Kyle Bayle has a better claim than Antonia on the throne and is on the verge of taking the city, with full support of the Concordium. Kyle is interested in this heretic, especially as he died hundreds of years ago


Level 80

In Too Deep (Crexisz - SQ Concordium Tower 710.48, -20.36, 118.54 ) - reward: Summoning robes of Bayle (level 80), Qeynosian Robes of Summoning (level 90), Title "of the Concordium"
The lack of presence from Bellengere is worrying Crexisz. He hopes that you might be able to gain audiance from him.




Level 20

Of the City Guard (Recruitement Officer Brandit - NQ bottom of Castle steps 388.78, -17.65, -9.78 )

Recruitement Officer Brandit is eager to recruit you into the Qeynos Guard and hands you your first assignement, lending support to the guards sent to Graystone Yard.


Keeping the Peace
Your next task is to help the Kerra and Erudites in their fight in Starcrest Commune. you should encourage them to work together and unlock weapons for them.


Racial Tensions abound
You're third mission is to investigate the reason why the froglocks were coerced out of Castleview Hamlet.


Level 40

Protecting the Innocent (General Golias Sydwen, NQ castle 475.66, 3.50, -22.77 ) - reward: Crest of the Lion's Mane house item
Golias seems to think you have the making of a great City Guard and decides to test your skills by unraveling the mystery of Nettleville. The guard at Nettleville door think that something is wrong.

Level 60

A Gnollish Plan Afoot (General Golias Swyden)
Golias sends you to Willow Wood to investigate how the gnolls are coming in so steps can be taken to prevent it.


Level 80

Changing of the Guard (General Golias Swyden) - reward: Qeynos Guard Breastplate, Title "Of the Qeynos Guard"

The note was written with very high quality paper and ink. It points in the direction of one of the major houses of Qeynos, so your time with the guard is at an end and the investigation will be continued by the Royal Antonican Guard. You'll have to go to Beregis Geridion in the Sovereign House of Qeynos in South Qeynos.





Level 20

Within our Reach (Tairiel Oakshade - Elddar Grove by Arbos 653.02, -11.00, -391.24 )

The Tunarian Alliance is in need of skilled scouts that have excellent ranged skills. The gnomes and halflings in Baubbleshire are doing well against nightbloods, but some lamias are clearly out of reach.


Protection through Deception (Tairiel Oakshade)
The residents of Nettleville have reported that the Circle of Ten are putting traps around their homes. The problem is that the traps don't tell crazed freeblood from innocent citizens. Being skilled in traps, you're sent to disarm them and temper with the trigger pin.


Following the Footsteps (Tairiel Oakshade)
Tairiel gave a mission to a scout of lesser skills, Gelerth Bucklebrow: supply retrievals from a thief in Graystone Yard. Your skills in tracking being highly superior to his, you're asked to track down the scout.


Level 40

Red Handed (Master Rysian Gladewalker, 668.82, 10.91, -389.38 ) - reward: Banner of Bayle house item
Master Rysian proposes you to take on the work started by Gelerth. The thief had stolen some goods intended for the dockmasters. He has hidden the goods and so you'll have to track down the thief and follow him to the cache without getting seen. You'll have to take the supplies to the dock after making sure the thief never steals again.



Level 60


Lending your skills (Master Rysian Gladewalker)
You offer to help with the training of Gelerth. He needs courses in the basics: ranged attacks, stealth and combat.


Level 80

Trial by Fire (Master Rysian Gladewalker) - reward: Qeynosian Predatory Chestguard, Title "Tunarian Alliance Activist"
Master Rysian has a very important mission for you. You'll need to speak to Daylia the Vigil, the head of the assassin guild to learn more





Level 20

Freeblood Flu (High Warden Akina - North Qeynos, Temple of Life 567.69, -75.39, -224.47 )

It is the duty of the Celestial watch to assists those cought in the troubles plaging Qeynos: gnolls in Willow Wood, undeads in Starcrest and conflict between Qeynosian leaders. The main problem currently is the attacks caused by Freebloods in Nettleville. Some sickness is spreading among them and causing them to attack


Thy Word Ministration (Akina)
Akina heard that apart from being a talented fighter, you are also a charismatic speaker, well versed in the teaching of the deities. You'll have to use your persuasion powers in Castleview Hamlet were envoys from New Tunaria are seducing high elves into turning their backs on our gods and our city. Froglocks will not need persuasion but some high elves may turn agaist you. If they try to spill your blood, you're free to cleanse their corruption from Qeynos.


Gnoll Rest for the Wicked (Akina)
An urgent missive arrived from Willow Wood: the defenders are being overrun. Akina prepared a relic for you to focus your power. Large amounts of healing energy will be concentrated in the body of the healed defender, providing them with a lasting healing effect.


Level 40

Watching Over Qeynos (Akina) - reward: Banner of the Arbor house item
Antonia sent a request: an heretic necromancer has summoned undeads in Starcrest Commune and is recruiting apprentices. The Royal Antonican Guard is streached far too thin. As warriors of the light, it is our duty to remove the udeads, and we're better equiped than the guards for that. Akina will geave you a beacon to be able to contact you.


Level 60


Karma Concordium (Akina)
Akina's petition to the Circle of Ten was fruitless as Bellengere claimed no necromancy was used to make the relic and that it was used against his orders by an apprentice. You'll need more proof to accuse him in front of Antonia Bayle. Conversing with Bellengere may reveal his motives if he's pride makes him think himself above the law.


Level 80

Divine Intervention (Akina) - reward:  Qeynosian Vicar's Breastplate, Title "Celestial Watcher"
Akina needs to speak you in private and asks you to go to Antonica and use the beacon she gave you.