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Les recettes d'armurier de Reign of Shadows sont niveau 120. Il y a trois livres communs (Acrylia Armorer's Primer Volume I, II, III) et trois livres avancés (Shadowscream Armorer Studies I, II, III)

Les recettes communes utilisent : 10 luclizite cluster, 2 humming azurite, 2 hardened zelniak pelt, 2 slow creeping root, 20 coruscating coal (100 golds)
Les recettes rares utilisent : 2 Primal Luclizite Shard, 10 luclizite cluster, 10 humming azurite, 1 pattern du slot et 50 coruscating coal (250 golds)

type Pied Avant-Bras Main Tête Epaule Jambe Poitrine
Handcrafted Acrylia Chain Boots of Force
Acrylia Chain Boots of Fortitude
Acrylia Chain Boots of Frenzy
Acrylia Chain Bracers of Force
Acrylia Chain Bracers of Fortitude
Acrylia Chain Bracers of Frenzy
Acrylia Chain Mitts of Force
Acrylia Chain Mitts of Fortitude
Acrylia Chain Mitts of Frenzy
Acrylia Chain Helm of Force
Acrylia Chain Helm of Fortitude
Acrylia Chain Helm of Frenzy
Acrylia Chain Pauldrons of Force
Acrylia Chain Pauldrons of Fortitude
Acrylia Chain Pauldrons of Frenzy
Acrylia Chain Greaves of Force
Acrylia Chain Greaves of Fortitude
Acrylia Chain Greaves of Frenzy
Acrylia Chain Shirt of Force
Acrylia Chain Shirt of Fortitude
Acrylia Chain Shirt of Frenzy
Mastercrafted Shadowscream Chain Boots of Force
Shadowscream Chain Boots of Fortitude
Shadowscream Chain Boots of Frenzy
Shadowscream Chain Bracers of Force
Shadowscream Chain Bracers of Fortitude
Shadowscream Chain Bracers of Frenzy
Shadowscream Chain Mitts of Force
Shadowscream Chain Mitts of Fortitude
Shadowscream Chain Mitts of Frenzy
Shadowscream Chain Helm of Force
Shadowscream Chain Helm of Fortitude
Shadowscream Chain Helm of Frenzy
Shadowscream Chain Pauldrons of Force
Shadowscream Chain Pauldrons of Fortitude
Shadowscream Chain Pauldrons of Frenzy
Shadowscream Chain Greaves of Force
Shadowscream Chain Greaves of Fortitude
Shadowscream Chain Greaves of Frenzy
Shadowscream Chain Shirt of Force
Shadowscream Chain Shirt of Fortitude
Shadowscream Chain Shirt of Frenzy
type Pied Avant-Bras Main Tête Epaule Jambe Poitrine
Handcrafted Acrylia Sabatons of Force
Acrylia Sabatons of Fortitude
Acrylia Sabatons of Frenzy
Acrylia Vambrace of Force
Acrylia Vambrace of Fortitude
Acrylia Vambrace of Frenzy
Acrylia Gauntlets of Force
Acrylia Gauntlets of Fortitude
Acrylia Gauntlets of Frenzy
Acrylia Barbute of Force
Acrylia Barbute of Fortitude
Acrylia Barbute of Frenzy
Acrylia Pauldrons of Force
Acrylia Pauldrons of Fortitude
Acrylia Pauldrons of Frenzy
Acrylia Greaves of Force
Acrylia Greaves of Fortitude
Acrylia Greaves of Frenzy
Acrylia Cuirass of Force
Acrylia Cuirass of Fortitude
Acrylia Cuirass of Frenzy
Mastercrafted Shadowscream Sabatons of Force
Shadowscream Sabatons of Fortitude
Shadowscream Sabatons of Frenzy
Shadowscream Vambrace of Force
Shadowscream Vambrace of Fortitude
Shadowscream Vambrace of Frenzy
Shadowscream Gauntlets of Force
Shadowscream Gauntlets of Fortitude
Shadowscream Gauntlets of Frenzy
Shadowscream Barbute of Force
Shadowscream Barbute of Fortitude
Shadowscream Barbute of Frenzy
Shadowscream Pauldrons of Force
Shadowscream Pauldrons of Fortitude
Shadowscream Pauldrons of Frenzy
Shadowscream Greaves of Force
Shadowscream Greaves of Fortitude
Shadowscream Greaves of Frenzy
Shadowscream Cuirass of Force
Shadowscream Cuirass of Fortitude
Shadowscream Cuirass of Frenzy


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