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Walkthrough des quêtes pour voler


Parlez à Billie dans le Goahmari village 327,-15,537

- tuez 12 Rime, retournez voir Billie

- parlez au bouc près de Billie. tuez 4 groupes de Rime avec le Goahmari, retournez voir Billie

- allez dans le campement Rime (198,-59,949), utilisez l'item qui vous a été donné, cliquez 2 tentes et une caisse, retournez voir Billie

- Parlez à Gyatso (364,-15,453), sortez du village, partez au nord-ouest et cassez la glace pour ramasser des pierres. Revenez au village, parlez à Gyatso, cliquez sur le feu au centre, retournez voir Gyatso

- Parlez à Gyatso, achetez une potion à Dillamond (372,-15,476), partez à l'ouest du village (783,-4,558). Donnez la potion ou tuez la personne au choix. Les deux marchent. retournez voir Gyatso

- Parlez à Norbu (551,-37,357), allez à l'est-nord-est dans les crevasses tuer des araignées (-133,-358,129). Prévoyez des cure élémentaires ! Ciblez le griffon en face de Norbu et utilisez les bandages.

- Tuez des oiseaux dans les collines autour du village, ramassez l'oeuf près de Norbu (585,-37,379) et posez-le près du feu (576,-37,361).


Utilisez l'objet dans votre inventaire pour invoquer votre bébé gruffon et l'entrainer chaque jour.

- tuez 8 araignées

- jouez à lancer un os puis cherchez votre griffon dans la zone bleue sur votre carte... Bon courage (il apparaît dans une des deux cartes de Greater Divide)

- tuez des wurms (179,-256,-165)

- apprenez des tours à l'aide des emote /stay, /cutthroat, /taunt et /dance

- tuez des brontotheriums (11,-341,-505 )

Walkthrough des quêtes pour voler pour un vampire

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I ran the entire pre-quest as well as started the quests from the bat itself. Here is all the info I have so far.


Freeblood mount quest:

Start Npc: Drammind Gul -- /loc 349.03, -13.53, 428.31

Quest 1: Reverence for Unlife

Steps: Turn the searching shardhammer, reportedly it is South West of the the large Rime camp (the triangle area). The mob is at -258.62, -351.21, 27.12 (also reported at /loc -255.59, 353.48, 757.97). Fight and afterwards right click the body (Note: On beta sometimes bodies were already on the ground, I did not  get a chance to click it because it dissapeared as I was writing down the location).

Return to Drammind

Reward: 29 gold


Quest 2: A Call to Home

Steps: Find the turned Rime shardhammer. I found it at 17, -347.34, 1218.08

Return to Drammind, This time in the Great Divide on the Plataue. -356.19, -279.78, 539.88

Reward: 29 gold


Quest 3: For Former Friends

Steps: Make sure to talk to *Remmi next to Drammind and haver her join you. Defeat 8 Rime in Great Divite with Remmi. (Note: While any Rime mob does update this quest, at the time this was done on Beta grouped mobs did not, only solo ones, though mobs with pets work)

*Remmi is considered a pet, this means it has a normal pet bar. Pet classes may want to take note on this

Reward: 29 gold


Quest 4: Flight Reading

Steps: Enter 'Tserrina's Frozen Library', a special instance located at the entrance to the Tower of Frozen Shadow (unsure weather this is a group or solo zone), and locate Tserrina's leathery tome in the library. Be careful there are level 93 books in there that are hostile, however they do not see invis or through totems.

Found the book on the 2nd floor at /loc 24.53, 69.95, -115.29

Return to Drammind (still on the plateau)

Rewards: 14g, Darmmid's Bat Whistle (Summons a pet bat swarm)


Now that you have your bat whistle, go ahead and summon it and start questing!

Note: These quest may be done in any order, but you can only do one every 18 hours, the same as the normal griffon quest for other races.

Quest 1: For the colony

Steps: Search for lost bats in the Great Divide. Find 6 bats. The bats are clickable items founds in highlighted areas on the map. They seem to be very spread out so this may take time.

Rewards: 29 gold


Quest 2: Food For Flight

Steps: Kill 8 millipedes on the Blisterrock Ridge (/loc -472.99, -370.35, -469.84)

Rewards: 29 gold


Quest 3: Calming the Colony

Steps: Search for 8 bloodroots in the Great Divide

Rewards: 29 gold


Quest 4: Cave for the Colony

Steps: Enter the Tizmak Caves (Simple enough, I didnt even get to enter the Tizmak caves and I got the update just outside them around /loc -283.44, -339.39, -59.24)

Rewards: 29 gold


Quest 5: Strenght of the Colony

Steps: Defeat 8 Ry'Gorr orcs in the Great Divide

Rewards: 29 gold